School Experience

Keystone students learn at a distance, but the support and school experience are hands-on.

From the minute your student enrolls in the Keystone program, you and he or she can access our teachers and staff, student success advisors, counselors, administrative staff, and other students. We’re always just an email or phone call away. Your student can connect with other students through discussion forums, clubs, and even a staff-moderated Keystone Facebook page.

One-on-One Teacher Support

All Keystone teachers are licensed and certified and are specifically trained in how to teach in an online environment. More than half of our teachers hold master’s or doctoral degrees. We encourage students to reach out to their teachers as often as they need. Students can count on hearing back from teachers within one business day and will receive feedback on assignments within three business days for online courses and seven business days for correspondence courses.

Despite being at a distance, our teachers and staff provide one-on-one support to students. Specifically trained in online teaching methods, our teachers help bring out the best in every student through the online learning experience.


Student Success Advisors

Our student success advisors are here to help craft a plan of success for each student enrolled full-time. Your child’s student success advisors will answer questions, assist with goal setting, and help with course selections. The student success advisor also hosts a monthly student orientation and parent meeting.


Guidance Counseling

As part of Keystone’s mission to empower students to achieve their academic and personal goals, your child’s Keystone guidance counselor will play a key role. Our guidance counselors are licensed and trained to help students with post-high school planning, including college application processes and career discovery. Our counselors offer monthly online sessions on a host of relevant topics.

Student Services

Our student services team is just a toll-free call away and ready to help students and parents with anything from enrolling in new courses to requesting a transcript.

Parent Involvement

Keystone is committed to helping parents become actively involved in their child’s education by providing tools that regularly update their child’s achievements. As an example, parents of online students will have access to a Keystone Parent Observer Account that provides ongoing real-time accounting of their child’s progress.

Industry-Leading Technology and Technical Support

Utilizing the cutting-edge Blackboard™ Learning Management System, we’re able to deliver a robust and highly interactive online teaching and learning environment. The Keystone learning environment is incredibly intuitive, but if you ever encounter a technical issue, we’re available to help solve problems.

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"What I love most about Keystone are the wonderful relationships I have developed with my teachers.  Whenever I have a question regarding any of my courses, I feel comfortable e-mailing or calling my teachers; I know I will get a clear response quickly."
~Nyssa Thompson