3 Time Management Tips For Adult Learning
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3 Time Management Tips For Adult Learning

When you think of education, you probably think of school bells, the trauma of learning cursive, and the cedary smell of pencils being sharpened. You probably don’t think of adults earning a high school diploma online or developing skills to help them succeed in the workplace. Nevertheless, there is a place for adult students in the education system and they should not be overlooked.   

Adults have jobs that are both time-consuming and tiring. tay-at-home parents often have even less time. Given these external stressors, you may feel that adding classes to the mix isn’t an option.  

Ways Adults Can Fit Class Into Their Busy Schedules 

In reality, adult learning is much more accessible and flexible than many realize. For example, Keystone Adult Learning courses are self-paced and designed for maximum flexibility, so that the program adjusts to your needs and schedule, not the other way around.  

Online classes are available anywhere at any time, as long as you have a computer and internet connection. Since adults have a variety of educational needs, Keystone offers several different pathways to choose from.  

If you want to gain skills and certifications that will make you more marketable, earn a diploma with a career focus, or earn a diploma from an accredited institution in preparation for a college education.  

Though you might think adults are at a disadvantage when it comes to school (kids don’t have to work all day!), adult learners actually have a leg up. They are hard-working, motivated, and more efficient than most kids are in school. That’s why Keystone courses are self-paced; you don’t need to put in the hours of a regular school day to get a school day’s worth of education.  

And to top it off, Keystone courses allow you to skip over what you know and focus on what you don’t. So while you make time for your education, you aren’t wasting time. 

Too good to be true? See how adults of all schedules can add online courses to their routines easily. 

Tips For Homeschoolers With Full-Time Jobs 

1. After-Work Learning 

Everyone has an after-work routine, whether it’s turning on a baseball game, making a snack, or taking a nap. Breaks are critical for mental health and wellness. They let your mind replenish its energy for increased productivity, attention, and creativity, while also preventing burnout and fatigue.  

Most people don’t want to go straight from work or a project around the house to a class, and they shouldn’t. You need recovery time after you’ve been working for a while. It’s that time that will not only help your long-term health, but will also give you the energy and attention to spend even just an hour on an online course.  

Refreshed and centered after a break, you’re ready to continue your education at the pace you want. Set a timer and start learning! 

2. Weekend Learning 

For some adults, the weekend is sacred. If your job is M-F, the weekend is the time when you’re free of work and all the stress that accompanies it. If you’re a stay-at-home parent, the weekend is the time when your partner is around to help you out, or quality time that you can spend with your kids  

It may be your time to be with family or friends, time for self-care, or all of the above. Regardless , the weekend can be a valuable release from the grind of the week.  

That’s why the weekend is the perfect time for taking online classes. All you need is a few hours to work toward getting a certification or high school diploma. If you’re too busy during the week, this is time that you can take to invest in yourself and your education.  

The best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere to do it; you can learn in the morning with a cup of coffee, after lunch, or late at night. You can work toward your education and career goals at your own pace, whenever works best for you.   

3. Learning Alongside Your Child        

Whether you homeschool your child or they attend a brick and mortar school, you can take certification and diploma courses while they do their schoolwork. If your student is taking online classes that fits their needs, you can sit down and take your courses with them.  

With both of you furthering your education together, you hold each other accountable to even the smallest time commitments and keep each other motivated to complete your education goals.  

If your student attends a brick and mortar school, you can work on your online class while they complete their homework. At a kitchen table, a coffee shop, or the library, you can work toward achieving your certification or diploma while your child is busy working on their own assignments.  

Doing work with your children helps motivate both of you to get your work done in a timely manner. Then after you’ve finished, you can celebrate together!  

Online classes fit into busy schedules. 

What seems impossible is made possible by the flexibility provided by online courses for adults. Keystone Adult Learning programs are designed for busy schedules.  

Adults don’t have time to take hours of courses in a row, nor do they need to waste time taking classes on subjects they’ve already mastered. That’s why Keystone offers career-oriented courses and flexible diploma programs that prepare adults for whatever pathway they choose, whether that be a career or applying to college. Keystone programs also include an advisor, who can help seamlessly incorporate your newfound education into your routine. 

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